Monday, February 4, 2013

Vietnamese Jello (Rau Cau)

Yesterday, I had two parties to go to. One was to go to a "1st Birthday" and the other was the "Superbowl Party" at my in laws. Weekends are my rest days since now my hubbie told me I can take breaks those days...However, I woke up kinda early so I thought I'd do something quick and thoughtful. I decided to make "Vietnamese Jello (Rau Cau)" that my mom has taught me before.

Agar Powder (1 bag) 
1 cup sugar
5 cups water  
Food Coloring

Mix the water, sugar, and powder together and stir in a small pot on the oven with high heat. Turn off the stove immediately when it boils. Skim the scum off. Pour your desired amount of liquid into a container with the food coloring you like. For me, I do one at a time since the jello starts to form pretty quickly. I'll leave the rest in the pot and when I get back to it, I might have to reboil a bit to dissolve the solid forms. After your color is mixed in, pour into molds. Leave aside for 3 to 5 min until solid. Use a toothpick to pick from under the edge and flip backwards to take out the jello. Refrigerate the jello after everything is done! It taste better when it's cold!

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  1. Hi there!!! Can you tell me where you bought the molds???