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Hi, I would like to inroduce myself as Kathy Do. I am a full time employee, wife, and mother of two lovely kids (age 6, 3). I wasn't born in America but was raised here since I was a 6 months baby. I grew up and lived in Houston all my life. Although I speak fluent English, I do also speak fluent Vietnamese. I can read & write most of the words and learned most of this from "Karaoke". Throughout the years of my life, I have been very spoiled. Up till this age of 28, my mom and husband has always cooked for me and the family. I never really had to cook. If I did, it was probably once in 6 months or within a year and I'll have a hard time preparing it. My mother in law & sister in laws always try to remind me, "That in order to be a successful woman, you have to know how to cook!" It surely did not go through my ears when I heard that! In my opinion, time is also an important factor in life. If you don't have time and are always busy with taking care of everything, how will you cook. Anyways, I told myself when I was younger, I would marry a guy who would cook for me and my dream came true but something now changed my thinking...Maybe now, I have grown to be more mature and as a wife and mother with extra time in a day, I feel there has to be more responsibilities in making a family happy. I've succeeded in school, work, family, and almost everything I ever attempted for, except cooking. This is my first time cooking already passed 2 weeks. It was my friends on Facebook that supported me in creating this blog. At first, I didn't think of doing this but I now decided to since I believe I can do it! I am willing to now learn all kinds of different Vietnamese recipes and cook for the family. Please support by following my posts.

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