Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xoi Lap Xuong, Tom Kho, va Cha Bong... (Savory Sticky Rice)

Xoi Lap Xuong, Tom Kho, va Cha Bong... (Savory Sticky Rice)
For this recipe, I asked how my mom, friend, and sister in law made it. Then, I used their ideas and tried to experiment it base on my estimate of how much I need to make for a big family. It's not perfect but not bad at all. Like I say, I'm still learning how to cook. I'm not a professional chef yet. I just try my best and when you guys ask for the recipe, I tell you what I did and you can go on from there. Adjust it according to your taste okay.   :)
1 pack of chinese sausage (I used Mai Que Lo; cut thin and diagonal)
1 small bowl of dried shrimps
Crushed dry pork meat
4 cups of sweet glutinous rice
1 container of chicken broth
5 Green onions (minced)
4 tbspn oil
1 tbspn Soy sauce
Rinse the sweet rice and soak for 15 min. Rinse the dried shrimps and soak with just a bit of water right above it for 30 min. While waiting, prepare a small pan with med to high heat of oil and stir fry half of the minced onions in it. Add just a pinch of salt to have some salty flavor. Leave to the side.
Now, rinse the sausage and cut it thin and diagonally. Drain the dried shrimps.
Drain out the water in the rice. Using a rice cooker, add the sweet rice to it. Then, add chicken broth to the same level as the sweet rice. Earlier I added a little bit above, according to what my mom told me, and my sweet rice was a little soggy. Cook it. Hopefully your will be better than mine. Please let me know how it comes out.
Now, heat up a big pan with med to high heat. Add in the sausage. Stir fry a bit so that the oil in it comes out a bit. Then, add in the leftover onions and dried shrimps. Sauteed all with soy sauce.
When the rice is cooked, as desired, add it to your bowl or plate. Flatten down evenly with a spatula. Start the first layer with the crushed dried pork meat. Then, spread out the sauteed shrimp and sausage on top. Finally, add the onion sauce on top.
Enjoy! Hopefully, it's not too bad! It's my 1st time making this so give me some opinions.

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